Chat with Pokémon trainers in your area with the GoChat app

Find other Pokémon trainers close by and to share tips and tricks to Catch ‘em all!

App Features

Chat in teams or one-on-one to
- share info about Pokémon locations
- share a Pokémon adventure with other trainers
- make friends while catching ‘em all!
- set challenges or race other trainers
- just keep in touch during game play


Location based discovery of PokémonGO players near you, enabling you to chat with anybody that is using the GoChat app in your defined range.


Chat privately with individuals or groups of players in the vicinity, or make your chats public for everyone using GoChat to see.


Brag about your Pokémon collection, share tips & tricks and learn from other trainers, all while making new friends.


What is GoChat?
GoChat is a location-based chat platform that allows you to cooperate with other Pokémon trainers in your close proximity.

Why is location sharing required to use GoChat?
GoChat application requires location sharing enabled so that you’ll be able to find other trainers in your proximity.

Do you share my personal information?
We do not sell, trade, or otherwise transfer to outside parties your personally identifiable information.

How do I send a message to a trainer?
You can send direct message to every trainer in your proximity bly clicking button nearby trainers and selecting trainer from list you want to send direct message.

How can I report a spammer in the chatroom?
Please email names of suspected spammers to and our team will investigate. Future app updates will enable trainers to report spam from within the app.

We welcome all feedback!
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